studio_pics_08Terrass+_1 (Custom)Terrass+_2Terrass+_PVC


3000 EUR


  • 6—8 people
  • 1600 L
  • 2 – 2,5 hours heating time
  • Internal stove
  • 2 m
  • Height 0,4 m
  • Weight 120 kg

Standard Equipment

High polished glassfiber tub

Wooden panel’s fixing hoops

Chimney set

Chimney heat shield



The hot tub “Terrass” adds a functionality and an accent of the modern design to your garden terrace. Also, it gives you the opportunity to spend the time with friends both healthily, and amusingly.

The model “Terrass” is an excellent solution for water pleasure in the fresh air right after the sauna.

The hot tub is designed to be built partially above the terrace level preventing an accidental fall. The given solution is especially suitable and safe if you have children or pets in your family.

The main part of the hot tub is produced using the technology of the exclusive yachts’ and motorboats’ manufacturing.

Glassfiber is a material resistant to the external environment, and easy to maintain. Thus the hot tub is specially designed for usage all year round.

The seat of the hot tub is positioned low enough to avoid the risk of colds during cooler weather. Additionally it has an ergonomic design for the comfort and safety of the user.

The water is warmed up by the internal stove, which is made of marine aluminium.