Hot Tubs

Nowadays, the surrounding environment is in constant and rapid motion, and it seems nearly impossible to stop it. Thinking back to the history and traditions we can bring back ancient customs to the present day. The ÖSEL TUBS brings you old traditions and pleasures to stop the clock just for one moment giving a new energy for the future.

The creation of the ÖSEL TUBS unites the inspiration from the pure nature with skillful traditional techniques of experienced craftsmen, and culminates in the stylish and neat Scandinavian design. The major keywords for the ÖSEL TUBS are the high product quality, attractive design, and innovation. All products perfectly combine both natural and high quality, modern durable materials. The main part of the hot tub is produced by the same technology as sailing yachts and powerboats. Glassfiber is a material resistant to the external environment, and it is easy to maintain. Thus, the ÖSEL TUBS’ products are designed for usage all year round. Also, it is a great opportunity to spend your time with friends both healthily, and amusingly.

We wish you joyful and relaxed moments in ÖSEL TUBS!


  •   Ergonomic design
  •   Very long lifespan
  •   Easy to maintain
  •   Always ready to use
  •   Heats quickly
  •   Eco-friendly water consumption


Ösel Ösel
6—8 people 4560 EUR
1250 L To the product
Ösel 1.8 Ösel 1.8
4-6 people 3960 EUR
1200 L To the product
Dagö Dagö
6—8 people 3360 EUR
1600 L To the product
Terrass Terrass
6—8 people 3000 EUR
1600 L To the product