Frequently asked questions

1. General topics

What is the difference between hot tubs and other outdoor Jacuzzis and pools?

A: A hot tub is a product heated using logs of wood, while other similar products are mainly heated using electricity or gas. Thus, it is a sustainable product that uses renewable energy only.

What is the operating life of a fibreglass plastic hot tub?

A: Fibreglass plastic hot tubs last for decades if they are maintained properly and regularly. Compared to wooden hot tubs, fibreglass products are many times more durable and much easier to maintain and use.

What is the difference between the hot tub models Terrass+ and Terrass?

A: The Terrass+ hot tub model includes 2 fibreglass rings for attaching planks. This model is above the terrace level, which also makes it safer, preventing the risk of small children and pets falling into the hot tub by accident.

2. Using a hot tub

How long does it take to fill up a hot tub with water?

A: Depending on the water pressure and diameter of the water hose, the filling process takes approx. 0.5 to 1.5 hours.

How long does it take to heat the water?

A: Heating water in the “Ösel” hot tub model takes approx. 1,5-2 hours. Heating takes approx. 2-2,5 hours for other models. In order to heat the water more quickly, we recommend covering the hot tub with a cover. In addition, you will have to take account of the weather conditions! The lower the outside temperature, the faster the water cools. Thus, heating the water may take approx. 20% more time in the winter.

What kind of timber should be used to heat it?

A: We recommend using 40 to 45 cm long logs that are as drys possible, have a humidity below 20%, and a diameter of approx. 5 cm. The drier the logs used, the more effective the burning process.

How many logs does one use take?

A: In order to increase the water temperature from 7 °C to 34 °C, only 16 kg of wood logs are used for the model “Ösel”. Due to the greater capacity of other models, they need a bit more – approx. 22 kg.
NB! Keep in mind that using a hot tub in the winter takes approx. 20% more firewood!

Can the hot tub be used in the winter as well?

A: Ösel Tubs hot tubs can be used all year round, regardless of the ambient temperature. Using a hot tub is especially effective, pleasant and healthy in the winter. The seat depth of the Ösel Tubs hot tub is designed to be low enough to avoid freezing your neck in the winter. However, it is always advisable to use a hat when enjoying the hot tub in the winter.

Can seawater be used in the hot tubs?

A: Yes, seawater can be used in all Ösel Tubs hot tubs, since fibreglass is durable to sea water as well. The furnaces of the hot tubs are also made from maritime aluminium, which is durable to saltier seawater as well.

3. Hot tub maintenance

How should the hot tubs be cleaned after use?

A: We advise you to clean your hot tub after each use. Hot tubs can be cleaned with a pressure washer and we recommend using household detergents and a soft cloth. The hot tubs cannot be cleaned with potent and coarse materials and chlorine-containing cleaning agents.

How should the furnace of a hot tub be cleaned from ashes?

A: In case of a hot tub model with a built-in furnace, we recommend removing the ashes with a regular ash scoop, and with an ash suction machine, if possible. With the “Ösel” hot tub model, ashes are removed with an ash scoop, like with a sauna heater.
NB! The furnace should be cleaned of ash after each heating.

How often should be wooden details of the hot tub be serviced?

A: We recommend oiling the wooden elements once a year with a wood oil from the company Tikkurila (brown, shade 5052).

4. Safety

Is using hot tubs from Ösel Tubs safe?

A: We have paid special attention to the safety of our products – all our hot tubs are designed and built for maximum safety. All funnel systems and furnaces of Ösel Tubs hot tubs are secure from burning the user. We are the only manufacturer on the market, whose standard equipment includes a protective guard for the furnace, thus preventing accidental contact with the funnel while bathing. The fibreglass interior of the hot tub is also ergonomic to avoid slipping.
NB! All Ösel Tubs hot tub models include a thorough user manual, so that the customer would be able to read about all the dangers and possibilities.

When can I start heating the furnace of a hot tub?

A: The main rule is that the heating process can begin only after the tub has been filled. Otherwise, the furnace will deform under the heat and become unusable.

What should be used to ignite the wood?

A: We recommend using either a pellet lighter (and other products helping along the lighting process) or lighter fluid. We do not recommend using paper to ignite the wood, as this creates flyaway ash that may find its way into the water of the hot tub.

When should a spark arrestor be used?

A: We recommend using a spark arrestor in case the hot tub is placed close to a building, trees and bushes. It is also recommended to use a spark arrestor in case the hot tub is open to the wind.

What is the recommended water temperature?

A: We recommend heating the water of the hot tub up to 39 degrees. Excessively hot water may have a negative impact on your heart.
We advise you to stop adding wood into the furnace in the winter, when the water temperature has reached 35 degrees. We advise you to stop adding wood into the furnace in the summer, when the water temperature has reached 30 degrees.
NB! We recommend using a floating water thermometer to check the temperature of the water.

When can the hot tub be drained of water after use?

A: The water can be drained only after the fire has gone out and the ashes have cooled.

What should I know when using a hot tub during the winter?

A: The main rule is that water should be drained from the hot tub after each use. Furthermore, leave the stopper and tap open to allow the water to drain from the tub freely. Otherwise, the frozen water will expand and the fibreglass interior may break. Furnace of the hot tub model “Ösel” must always be drained of water as well; to do this, open the tab located next to the furnace. Make sure that no water gets into the furnace for other models as well – the water may freeze in the winter. If needed, remove water from the furnace.
NB! In case an air bubble system is included, the system must be let to operate for a few minutes with no water, so that the air bubble system is drained as well. We recommend reading the chapter “Using the air bubble system of the hot tub in the winter” included in the user manual.

Is there a danger of slipping in a fibreglass hot tub?

A: The hot tub is made from the same materials as most tubs and shower bases. Therefore, it is no more dangerous than a bathroom tub. In addition, the seats of Ösel Tubs hot tubs are designed to be as ergonomic as possible, so that there would be no danger of slipping while sitting and for you to feel extra comfortable.